Kaspressknoedl (baked cheese dumplings)

Yet another Pinzgauer culinary delight: Kaspressknoedl. It is a dumpling made of chopped old bread and cheese.


4 Yields




4 min

Put the into the , dice the  and stew it in the .

Meanwhile hash the and dice the

80 %
1 min

Add the and stir it in.

0 %
1 min

Deglaze the mix with the , and and it.

1 min

Stir the and the  in the  and dash it with the wet ingredients ( based mixture and ) from the .

5 min

Knead all the ingredients in the

5 min

Repeat the following steps, until the mixture is processed:

  1. Moisten your hands
  2. Take a handfull of the dumpling mixture and mold it into a dumpling
  3. Flatten the dumpling, that it looks like an icehockey puck.

2 min

Pour fingerbreadth into the and heat it up.

100 %
5 min

Deep-fry the dumplings until they are brown

70 %
5 min

Flip and continue deep-frying the dumplings until the other side gets brown.

70 %
1 min


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